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Be The Tree…Please Respond January 19, 2010

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Yesterday I told you all that I’d like your help in coming up with some questions for a devo for the summer camp I work with. Below you’ll find my devo…so far. But I still need some questions.

Please let me know what you think! Thanks!!!


Luke 19:1-10

If you’re like me, you’ve heard this story so many times that you know the ending before you finish reading it. But if you’re like me, you may have also sang the little song so many times that the lessons to be learned from the story have gotten lost along the way.

Four characters give us unique insight on what happened that day…

  1. Jesus

    You might think the story is about Zaccheus looking for (and finding) Jesus. That’s certainly one way to look at it, but notice that it says, “when Jesus came to the place…” So it is safe to assume that Jesus was looking for Zaccheus, and that he knew exactly where to find him. Why Zaccheus? We all know he was a tax collector, but he wasn’t just any old tax collector. He was the chief tax collector. So, if Zaccheus’ life could be changed, then all the other tax collectors working under him could also be affected. The transformation in Zaccheus’ life would impact everyone, especially those who knew him before the transition. Every day Jesus sets out to change the hearts of those around us, and God often uses us as His agents of that change.
  2. The Crowd

    You’d think the crowd would want the man who takes their money to change…or for Jesus to lecture him. Instead, the crowd did then what it continues to do today. You know, there are lots of people who fight change or who don’t think people (including themselves) can change. As a result, they keep others away. Think about it. Do you point people to Jesus, or do you push them away by how you live your life? Do you know all the church answers in your head, but fail to live them out in your daily life? Look at who you have chosen as your friends. They help mold you into the person you are. Friends either draw you to or push you away from Jesus. Think about what your friends do for you, but more importantly, think about what kind of friend you are.
  3. Zaccheus

    Do you think Zaccheus got up early that day and had any idea what was going to happen? Do you think he told his servants to get the house ready and cook a big meal because Jesus was coming home with him for dinner? No way!!! Zaccheus was just hoping to get a glimpse of this man called Jesus. What about you? When you get up each day, do you prepare as if Jesus is spending the day with you, or are you satisfied with just a glimpse? Once you’ve been really touched by Jesus, you can’t help but DO something…sing, pray, laugh, cry, serve, and yes…even change.

    So here’s this guy Zaccheus. And on that day when Jesus came, Zaccheus saw himself for the first time in the light of Jesus, and he changed. Did you catch how much his heart was changed? He gave half of what he had to the poor. And out of the half he had left, he gave back four times what he had cheated/stolen from others. Then Jesus laid out his mission “to seek and save those who are lost,” which is exactly what He did that day for Zaccheus. What is your mission where God has planted you?

  4. The Tree

    I bet you were wondering where I’d get the 4th character, right?

    The tree is definitely a character in this story! Think about it. For years, that tree was used to climb in, to meet under, to rest by and to serve as a point of direction. But that tree was planted long ago for one great reason. That tree put Zaccheus in the position to see Jesus. He was able to climb above all his limitations (size) and distractions (crowd) and finally see Jesus.

    I can’t help but read this story in a new light as I start off my week at OMP. The tree jumps out at me as a shining example of how we should deal with others. God is asking us to see the tree as an opportunity to positively affect others’ lives. We’re here to put others in the position to see Jesus. We are limited by our inability to live perfectly, yet we’re given the chance to see Christ by the way we live, by helping others when they need us, and by showing that we care. The question is, are we using the tree to help ourselves and others see Jesus? How do we impact others’ lives for Jesus? When we are blocked in one area (crowds), we find another way (the tree).  Climbing the tree is what OMP is all about…the opportunity for us to change and be changed from the inside out.

    Open our eyes, God, to see the opportunity You have already provided!


If I Did It, Would You Help Me? January 18, 2010

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If I posted a devo I’m working on for the summer camp I help out with, would you help me come up with questions to go along with it that are suitable for youth in grades 6-12…as well as adult helpers?

Just let me know if you’d help…I don’t want to waste a post if nobody is really willing to help! Thanks.


Unlucky Seven January 13, 2010

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The following list includes seven things that agitated me yesterday.

  1. An old lady at Target cut in line ahead of me. I should mention that she had a cart full of stuff and I had two items. I should also mention that I was not amused by her antics.
  2. The same old lady at Target bitched at the cashier because she needed a bag for a box that a) had handles and b) didn’t really fit in the Target bags in the first place. I should mention that the cashier had already begun scanning my items when the old lady began bitching about the bag. I was again not amused by her antics.
  3. That damn old lady at Target bitched out the cashier over the size of the bag she was given for the box that didn’t need a bag. I should mention that at this point the cashier was no longer amused by her antics and I was to the point of almost telling the old lady to STHU (ask if you don’t know). The old lady asked if there were any larger bags, to which the cashier explained that she was currently out of them. I (quite grumpily) walked to the next register and grabbed a large bag for the old bag.
  4. A young couple (in their early twenties) blocked my blilndside in the Target parking lot. Apparently the guy was trying to be sweet and went to get their oversized SUV so that the girl wouldn’t have to walk all the way out to their parking spot with the cart (it was pretty cold). Nevertheless, I was trying to exit the parking lot, and the guy pulled his vehicle up just enough that I couldn’t see around him to see the two lanes of traffic passing by the front of the store. He then put it in park and helped the girl load their Target purchases. I was not amused by their antics.
  5. A woman on her cell phone was waiting patiently at a stop sign at a street perpendicular to the one on which I was driving. She then pulled out in front of me only to go slower than I was already going. Please note: If you are going to dart out into traffic, at least speed the hell up so the person you pulled out in front of doesn’t have to slam on her brakes. Thank you, that is all. I am still not amused!
  6. I am currently driving a boat-sized rental car, because my car is in the shop. My car is in the shop, because a couple of people decided to hit and run in a parking lot. The only reason I am ever so slightly amused is that the aforementioned boat-sized rental car won’t fit in my garage. And that’s really only funny if you’re not the person who has to get out in the morning and defrost the damn windows before leaving (a bit late) for work.
  7. To top off my amazing day, as I was leaving work yesterday (an hour and a half later than I was supposed to get off), I noticed that an idiot had parked over my line in the parking lot. I’m sorry, but if I can fit my aforementioned boat-sized rental car in a parking space properly, then surely someone who drives an SUV every day should be able to do the same. I had great difficulty getting into my aforementioned boat-sized rental car. Further, I think that there should be special parking spaces for people who drive larger than average vehicles (trucks, SUVs, vans, grandma cars, etc.).

I am now finished ranting. Thank you.


New Perspective January 12, 2010

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Okay, so I’ve been thinking about my current church situation a lot lately, and the other night I had an amazing revelation.

Ministers and staff members will come and go, but the church will live on.

Instead of attending a different church, I will try to be the change I wish to see. I cannot change everything, but maybe one thing.

What are your thoughts?


The Sex Talk January 2, 2010

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So I was at my parents’ house cleaning out an old wardrobe when I came across about a hundred VHS tapes. Some of them had such amazing cinematic creations as “3 Ninjas” and “D3 Mighty Ducks,” some had classics like “Wizard of Oz” and “Gone with the Wind,” and some had random childhood memories like basketball tournament games and birthday parties.

But by far the most entertaining find of the day was the tape labeled “90210 Safe Sex Talk.” Apparently my mom taped the only episode of 90210 she wouldn’t let me watch live (she took me to dinner and then shopping that night according to my dad), and then tucked it away so that when the time came she could make the “sex talk” much less intimidating.

Unfortunately, some 17 years later, I found the tape for the first time. She never got around to having “the talk” with me.

I’d officially like to thank my mom for skipping the talk. Thanks to the lack of information I received on the matter, I’m now a well-adjusted 29-year-old virgin. At least I’ve kissed and been kissed.

I think I’ll watch that episode now, and see if I can get a few dating tips.


Probably Not… December 18, 2009

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A friend saw this in her local grocery store and thought I’d get a kick out of it…I did, but it was probably not a good idea. The grocery store should have known better.


I Just Don’t Know… December 7, 2009

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I’m not happy at church. There. I said it…something I never thought I’d say about the church that raised me. When I was a teenager, I was there every time the door was opened. As a young adult, I’m finding fewer open doors.

Don’t misunderstand me. I still love worshiping at my church, and I feel like God has blessed my church with great ministers.

However, there is nothing at my church for young adults…especially young, single adults like me. Every time they/we try to start a Sunday School class or a small group or anything else for young adults, the older people crash our party. Geez that sounded really tacky of me to say! But here’s the deal…there are more than 10 Sunday School classes from which to choose from at my church (for adults). And they’ve tried to start several young adult classes…and even young singles classes. And here’s what happens when they start: Mr. and Mrs. 50-something show up. I’m sorry, but feeling like a young adult and being a young adult are two separate entities. Also, if you show up to a singles class with your wife, you likely don’t belong!

I’ve felt like such the outcast loser in every Sunday School class I’ve tried that I have been serving as a Sunday School teacher in our children’s department every week since last year. It’s not that I don’t love to help where needed, but now I am worn out, and I want to be fed. I should be able to find a home in this 2000+ member church, but there is none.

And I’m thinking about church-hopping for the month of January to see if I can find a place where I belong. This has been a difficult decision for me, one I’ve prayed over for a while now, but I’m just not happy, and I know I should be.

I feel guilty for feeling so unhappy with my church. And I’m certainly not one to “date” the church. I am in a very committed relationship with the church, which is why it hurts so much to feel this way.

So, we have a new church in town (one that isn’t Methodist) that caters to young adults (sort of) and that is active! They are alive! They do things as a community! They do breakfast before church on Sundays, they have mission activities (something very dear to my heart), they go on group outings, they pray and play together. I’m thinking of starting there.

Then there’s the bigger than huge Six Flags Over Jesus (it’s really just a Baptist Church, but we kid) down the road that has a thriving young adult ministry complete with lots of active small groups.

What I’m having trouble deciding is whether it is more important for me to agree with a church’s doctrine or social/educational/spiritual offerings. And that’s where I’m torn. Deep down we all pretty much believe the same things…one God, one Son, Holy Spirit. It’s just the traditions that are a bit different. It’s like a family…each family has its own traditions, but not having the same traditions as another family doesn’t make one less of a family.

Am I losing my mind?

There’s one thing I am steadfast in…I will not be re-baptized just to attend another church! My baptism isn’t between me and a church, it is between me and God. And I don’t feel like I should have to be a member of a church to take that church’s communion. Again, communion isn’t between me and a church, it is between me and God.

Give me some encouragement please!!!