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Am I Wrong? November 11, 2010

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I just deleted four paragraphs.

Am I wrong for expecting coworkers to help me out in the same way I am willing to help them out?

That’s all. A simple enough question with a really messy back-story.


I Already Blew It… November 3, 2010

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Yeah, so…

Yesterday was crazy busy at work…seriously! It’s a good thing, but we had more than 500 prospective students show up for a Preview Day (plus their parents). Needless to say, I dealt with that all day…and into the night. See, Preview Day included a Tailgate Party and Football Game.

Back up.

My beloved Alma Mater (also now my place of employment) played on national TV for the first time in school history last night – and we beat the other team handily!!! I only stayed until half-time, but caught the rest of the game on ESPN2. We played phenomenally well!!! Why did I leave early? Well, I was cold and wet. It was a rainy, windy mess, and after half-time, I just couldn’t take it any more!!!

Nevertheless, I’m here now. And I think I’ll post again later, I just needed to provide a quick update/excuse.



Confessions and a Promise November 1, 2010

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I’ll start with the promise.

I’m doing NaBloPoMo, but I won’t succeed. Why? Well, on November 17, I’m having shoulder surgery that will render me unable to type for a couple of weeks. We’ll talk more about that throughout the month, I’m sure.


  1. I feel badly about having not posted in several months.
  2. I’ve been really busy at work…really busy!
  3. I have started selling the hats I began making for fun a few years ago.
  4. I have some of the greatest friends on the planet, and yet I’m lonely.
  5. I already have my Christmas decorations up – and have for two weeks.

Later guys!


They Grow Up So Fast April 26, 2010

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Let me preface this by saying that I don’t have children. There, I feel better already.

I’m currently in a community theatre production, and there is quite a mix of ages in the cast. We start with the funniest 6-year-old Beatles/Warhol fan, move up to the brilliant 10-year-old who knows EVERYONE’S lines in the whole play, then we meander through the teenage years with several in the 13-18 crowd. Once we hit the twenties, the ages get a bit more spread out – there’s the college girl (21), then a handful in the 24-30 range (myself included) and then a few folks in their 40s and 50s.

The age spectrum is really NOT what this post is about. The 13-year-old girl in the cast is the subject.

Bless her little heart. Okay, now can I talk about her?

I want to punch her mother in the face. Seriously. A 13-year-old CHILD could never come up with the stuff this girl has come up with on her own. Someone is behind the madness.

I’ll chronicle her time with me (and from thence she will be referred to as Flower):

  1. Flower gets cast in a play (though she lied about her age to get the part she got).
  2. Cast becomes annoyed with Flower and her awkwardness (though we all thought she was 16 – and it turned out she was only 13…which explains the awkwardness – at least partially).
  3. Flower begins acting rather boy-crazy. This is typical of most girls her age. What is NOT typical is for her to be hitting on guys twice her age (which she readily does).
  4. Flower sits in a stairwell in a dress with her legs together. A male in his mid-twenties walks by, and Flower immediately opens her legs. WTH?
  5. Flower plays a nurse at one point in the play, so she offers her costuming advice to the director. “I was thinking I could maybe be a sexy nurse…you know, nurse by day, stripper by night.” Yes, she really said those words aloud.
  6. Hellbent on being the sexy nurse, she leaves her modest nurse costume (like from the 60s) unbuttoned past her boobs. The costumer comes in and tells her she needs to be covered up – then adds a jacket to the costume (just to make sure).
  7. Flower comes in wearing one of her costumes (a 60s era dress) with too-high-heels (that she can’t walk in) and asks the female adults in the dressing room if she “looks like a ho.”
  8. Flower tells her mother she’s going to lunch with the cast after one of our daytime performances. What she should have told her mother is that the youngest person going to lunch was 21. Apparently either her mother didn’t care…or she lied. She shows up at lunch, plops herself down next to the guy she opened her legs for (reference #4). That would have been fine (I guess), except we didn’t really know she was coming and several of the adults had ordered “adult beverages” (I did not). Flower proceeded to whisper into the guy’s ear repeatedly. It turns out she was asking him for his beer. He declined. It got worse…when the guy needed to get up to go to the bathroom, Flower looked at his glass. He chugged what was left. Then she said, “Don’t leave those drops unguarded.” He handed his glass to one of the other adults at the table.
  9. Flower, stuffed one of her character dresses with an apron and a bag to make herself look pregnant (obviously unscripted). I said, “Um, no. Take that out! What are you thinking?” To which she replied, “I just wanted to get kissed in that scene” (also obviously unscripted).
  10. Flower has other cast members zip up her go-go boots (which were not part of her original costume) – which leads to awkward cast moments…she’s 13!!! 13!!!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I’m worried about and for this girl. Who are her parents? What are her parents teaching her? How can we help this poor girl? She is only in 7th grade, and yet I can foresee her as pregnant before high school. What is my responsibility to this girl? Do we say something to her…to her mother…to the director?

I’m praying for her right now, because quite frankly that’s all I know to do.


Randummie February 3, 2010

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Yeah, that’s a smash-up of two words…”random” and “dummie…” just in case you wondered.

Here’s the thing. I haven’t had anything happen in the last couple of weeks that would make incredibly good blog fodder, so I’m just going to list a few random things that cause all the gray matter in this dummie’s brain to go into over-drive.

  • I do not like it when fellow motorists pull out in front of me only to go slower than I was going…thereby forcing me to use my brakes when I wouldn’t have needed them. This feeling is multiplied many times over when I look in my rearview mirror and realize that there is nothing behind me…meaning the fellow motorist could pull out after me and all would be well.
  • I love making pizza. I’ve really gotten good at a yummy pesto sauce that I put on a thin crust with tomatoes and a few favorite cheeses.
  • I do not like it when people don’t cooperate. Really, I consider myself to be quite flexible when dealing with other people, so it just irks me when others don’t act accordingly.
  • I rarely arrive anywhere on time. I am habitually late to work. I am nearly always late for church (and I teach Sunday School, so it is probably not so appropriate). I never arrive on time for doctors’ appointments (but I don’t feel so bad about that since I nearly always have to wait anyway). I was multiple hours late for my best friend’s wedding (not the actual wedding, it was preparations and rehearsal, but still…it was bad). I have yet to celebrate Christmas with another friend. I can’t really think of anything I’ve been on time for lately…except Black Friday shopping. That’s sad. I will try to do better.
  • I am seeing a chiropractor for the first time in my life, because I am determined to kick this pesky pain in my neck/shoulders that has been bothering me for over a year.
  • Lately I’ve been tired and cranky until about noon each day. I’m wondering if it’s the new dosage of meds, because I’m not generally a tired and cranky kind of girl.
  • I have found some great friends lately, and for that I’m thankful. We even discuss things that are out-of-bounds in most other relationships. It’s an eclectic group: the middle-aged married father from England (oh, yeah…his accent is great); the doctor/actress wannabe who is 25 and has never been kissed; the legal assistant who used to be on all sorts of crazy drugs, found redemption and is using her “story” to help others; the stereotypical gay musician (who is totally kick-ass with advice); the 21-year old poster-girl for purity (she doesn’t use foul language, hasn’t ever kissed, and well…she’s obviously still a virgin) who still likes to have a good time; then there’s me. Where do I fit into this mix?
  • I don’t usually talk about religion and/or politics with certain crowds of people, but I’ve found myself more expressive in the last week or so. For the record, I don’t have a problem with people helping other people in times of disaster. In fact, I applaud their efforts. I give to their efforts. Let me be clear, there’s a difference in people trying to help and people trying to take over. Groups like UMCOR, UNICEF and the Red Cross are great. They help those who need help with sustainable water, food, shelter, clothing and general infrastructure. I’m sure there are other groups out there who do great things (maybe World Vision, Compassion International, etc. are examples of those). But then there are renegade churches who go and do stupid things. I am so glad I belong to a connectional church with a systematic and methodical approach to helping the least and lost. [pure opinion ahead…beware] I find it bizarre that a church would feel the need to send solar Bibles to Haiti when Haitians need food, clean water, shelter, etc. I would think that you meet their human needs before you begin evangelizing. Also, the Baptists from America, who are in a Haitian jail for child trafficking, should be in jail. I have no doubts that they were trying to “help.” But taking children who are not yours is wrong. You can’t just bring all the poor kids in the world to America for us to “fix.” I have to stop here. I feel a rage coming.

That’s all.


Be The Tree…Please Respond January 19, 2010

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Yesterday I told you all that I’d like your help in coming up with some questions for a devo for the summer camp I work with. Below you’ll find my devo…so far. But I still need some questions.

Please let me know what you think! Thanks!!!


Luke 19:1-10

If you’re like me, you’ve heard this story so many times that you know the ending before you finish reading it. But if you’re like me, you may have also sang the little song so many times that the lessons to be learned from the story have gotten lost along the way.

Four characters give us unique insight on what happened that day…

  1. Jesus

    You might think the story is about Zaccheus looking for (and finding) Jesus. That’s certainly one way to look at it, but notice that it says, “when Jesus came to the place…” So it is safe to assume that Jesus was looking for Zaccheus, and that he knew exactly where to find him. Why Zaccheus? We all know he was a tax collector, but he wasn’t just any old tax collector. He was the chief tax collector. So, if Zaccheus’ life could be changed, then all the other tax collectors working under him could also be affected. The transformation in Zaccheus’ life would impact everyone, especially those who knew him before the transition. Every day Jesus sets out to change the hearts of those around us, and God often uses us as His agents of that change.
  2. The Crowd

    You’d think the crowd would want the man who takes their money to change…or for Jesus to lecture him. Instead, the crowd did then what it continues to do today. You know, there are lots of people who fight change or who don’t think people (including themselves) can change. As a result, they keep others away. Think about it. Do you point people to Jesus, or do you push them away by how you live your life? Do you know all the church answers in your head, but fail to live them out in your daily life? Look at who you have chosen as your friends. They help mold you into the person you are. Friends either draw you to or push you away from Jesus. Think about what your friends do for you, but more importantly, think about what kind of friend you are.
  3. Zaccheus

    Do you think Zaccheus got up early that day and had any idea what was going to happen? Do you think he told his servants to get the house ready and cook a big meal because Jesus was coming home with him for dinner? No way!!! Zaccheus was just hoping to get a glimpse of this man called Jesus. What about you? When you get up each day, do you prepare as if Jesus is spending the day with you, or are you satisfied with just a glimpse? Once you’ve been really touched by Jesus, you can’t help but DO something…sing, pray, laugh, cry, serve, and yes…even change.

    So here’s this guy Zaccheus. And on that day when Jesus came, Zaccheus saw himself for the first time in the light of Jesus, and he changed. Did you catch how much his heart was changed? He gave half of what he had to the poor. And out of the half he had left, he gave back four times what he had cheated/stolen from others. Then Jesus laid out his mission “to seek and save those who are lost,” which is exactly what He did that day for Zaccheus. What is your mission where God has planted you?

  4. The Tree

    I bet you were wondering where I’d get the 4th character, right?

    The tree is definitely a character in this story! Think about it. For years, that tree was used to climb in, to meet under, to rest by and to serve as a point of direction. But that tree was planted long ago for one great reason. That tree put Zaccheus in the position to see Jesus. He was able to climb above all his limitations (size) and distractions (crowd) and finally see Jesus.

    I can’t help but read this story in a new light as I start off my week at OMP. The tree jumps out at me as a shining example of how we should deal with others. God is asking us to see the tree as an opportunity to positively affect others’ lives. We’re here to put others in the position to see Jesus. We are limited by our inability to live perfectly, yet we’re given the chance to see Christ by the way we live, by helping others when they need us, and by showing that we care. The question is, are we using the tree to help ourselves and others see Jesus? How do we impact others’ lives for Jesus? When we are blocked in one area (crowds), we find another way (the tree).  Climbing the tree is what OMP is all about…the opportunity for us to change and be changed from the inside out.

    Open our eyes, God, to see the opportunity You have already provided!


If I Did It, Would You Help Me? January 18, 2010

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If I posted a devo I’m working on for the summer camp I help out with, would you help me come up with questions to go along with it that are suitable for youth in grades 6-12…as well as adult helpers?

Just let me know if you’d help…I don’t want to waste a post if nobody is really willing to help! Thanks.