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I Already Blew It… November 3, 2010

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Yeah, so…

Yesterday was crazy busy at work…seriously! It’s a good thing, but we had more than 500 prospective students show up for a Preview Day (plus their parents). Needless to say, I dealt with that all day…and into the night. See, Preview Day included a Tailgate Party and Football Game.

Back up.

My beloved Alma Mater (also now my place of employment) played on national TV for the first time in school history last night – and we beat the other team handily!!! I only stayed until half-time, but caught the rest of the game on ESPN2. We played phenomenally well!!! Why did I leave early? Well, I was cold and wet. It was a rainy, windy mess, and after half-time, I just couldn’t take it any more!!!

Nevertheless, I’m here now. And I think I’ll post again later, I just needed to provide a quick update/excuse.



One Response to “I Already Blew It…”

  1. Hey You Says:

    Miss you sweet shoeshe.

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