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I Might Draw Criticism, But… February 19, 2010

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Has anyone read this? It’s about an actress, Andrea Fay Friedman, who has Down Syndrome. She played a small role in an episode of “Family Guy,” in which her character also had Down Syndrome.

One of her lines was, “I am the daughter of the former governor of Alaska.”

The actress says her parents raised her to be funny and “normal,” and that it was just sarcasm. The Palin clan, on the other hand, has called the “Family Guy” camp “heartless jerks” and “cruel, cold-hearted people.”

The thing is…when you put yourself out there for all the world to see, you open yourself to all that comes along with that. I think there’s a thin line between mockery, truth and flattery. While the “Family Guy” episode wasn’t the least bit flattering to the Palins, it did hold a bit of truth within its mockery.

DISCLAIMER: If you like Sarah Palin, you might want to stop reading.

Sarah Palin carts Trig around like he is some sort of special case…like she can win votes/admiration from people because she is raising a son with Down Syndrome. It is certainly something to deal with, but it is a something that thousands of other families deal with too…and you don’t see them using their child or their circumstances to win votes/admiration. It borders on exploitation, really.

And the Palin clan can argue all they want about how cold and heartless the “Family Guy” camp was, but the fact is an actress WITH Down Syndrome played the character and thought it was funny. I think it takes a strong person to face adversity with humor, and that is exactly what Friedman (and her family) have chosen to do. I’d say humor worked for this particular family, as Friedman works at a law firm when she’s not acting.

Such is life. We all have to make choices, and we all make choices that other people wouldn’t. There are things I do that you wouldn’t…just as there are things you do that I wouldn’t. It was Friedman’s choice to play the role of a girl with Down Syndrome on an episode of “Family Guy,” just as it is Palin’s choice to cart Trig around like the token Down Syndrome child talking about unfairness and hate. To be honest, I’m surprised Palin knew anything about the “Family Guy” episode since she has such a hard time coming up with any newspapers and magazines she reads on a daily basis. It seems like she’s a media snob. Perhaps if Palin watched anything but Fox (Ooh…jab at the righties), she wouldn’t have known about it at all.

Does anyone else find it somewhat humorous that Fox is the only mainstream media outlet that is so obviously right-wing…and yet “Family Guy,” which pokes fun at all sorts of right-wingers (and their ideas) is broadcast by Fox?

One more thing…I applaud Friedman for her courage and perseverance. She is a champion for folks with Down Syndrome. She has taken adversity and laughed in its face!


3 Responses to “I Might Draw Criticism, But…”

  1. shoeshe Says:

    Also…on a similar note…

    Palin attacked (and rightly so) the idiot politician who used the word “retard” referring to another political party. However, when Rush Limbaugh used the word “retard” repeatedly in a radio show referring to Demos, Palin said he was obviously using satire.

    Here’s the problem I have with this line of thinking…it’s a double standard. If you’re going to be offended by the word “retard,” I think you have to hold all offending parties to the same measure. Otherwise, people will never stop using the word as a derogatory slang word, and the offenses will endure forever.

  2. Ang Says:

    I agree!! I think Palin was being overly sensitive about the Family Guy episode. I rank FG with Southpark…they are equal opportunity haters (for lack of a better word). The writers of those shows don’t show favoritism toward any group or individual…they will make a joke about a particular religious group then turn around and take a jab at people with disabilities. While I have a great deal of respect for those who are different from me, I also have a hearty sense of humor and can appreciate the art of comedy and comedic timing. I think Palin was probably told about the FG episode from a staffer or PR person, then raised a stink about it to keep her name out there. If she doesn’t keep herself in the people’s sight, they will forget about her come 2012.

  3. Hey You Says:

    Neither of these shows is allowed at my house, and I should have stopped reading. Kisses to you both anyway!

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